Bild 1 Master of Sound

Basil Martion

Over the past 40 years, Berlin-based loudspeaker manufacturer Basil Martion from Martion Audio has established itself as a sought-after sound reinforcement provider for professional artists and institutions by consistently delivering exceptional loudspeakers. Martion is a sound engineer rather than a businessman. In fact, he is…

Gregor Kraemer

Gregor Kraemer moved to Berlin around 30 years ago. With his arrival, he shaped the city's musical landscape as it is today and 20 years ago, he opened Club the Visionäre, an institution that has cemented itself as a cultural and musical cult space amongst…

Mike Shannon

Mike Shannon is a full blooded music nerd, just like one can imagine. He was into music since he was a kid, started to collect Hip-Hop and Hip-House records in Canada where he grew up. Listening to the radio Mike got to know and love

Chris Rehberger

The vinyl only label Perlon was founded by Zip, Markus Nikolai & Chris Rehberger in 1997 and is still one of the most renowned record labels in the electronic music scene. Up to this date kids are dancing to the minimal-house label whose